Creating a concise CV

Creating a concise CV, what’s the key? The general consensus is that the optimum length for a great CV is two pages of A4, but if you’ve got a long career history and lots of information to [...]

Job Application Errors

Candidates are being advised to remain honest and pay more attention to detail in their job applications, after a new study suggested inaccurate applications are at their highest level since [...]

Equality Employment Legislation

Are your interview questions breaking Equality Employment Legislation? Modern employment legislation, such as the Equality Act (2010), makes it unlawful to discriminate against employees and job [...]

What to wear to a job interview

Dress to impress at interview   Deliberating over what to wear to a job interview is an important part of the preparation process as we strive to make the best first impression. Now a new [...]

Unsuccessful job interview feedback

Handling unsuccessful job interview feedback: Job hunting is a process which should end on a massive high when you land that dream job, but how do you deal with the knockbacks and associated lows [...]

Unusual Interview Questions

Preparing for an upcoming job interview usually means running through a few classic ed questions with a helpful friend or adviser. “We always ensure our candidates are well-prepared for the [...]

Job interview tips

Job interview tips: Why do you want to work here? It appears almost habitually in job interviews and on application forms – the simple question “why do you want to work here?” does not have a [...]

Skype Interview Tips

Skype Interview Tips for Job interview success on Skype… The growing popularity of Skype and other web-based telephony systems provides a useful addition to the recruitment process. “When [...]

Annual appraisals

In many businesses, the annual staff appraisal is a fixture on the company calendar which is met with mixed emotions throughout the workforce. “Instead of waiting for the annual appraisal with [...]

Consequences of lying on your CV

Writing a great CV without breaking the law As hundreds of new graduates look for their first accountancy jobs in Norwich, the UK’s fraud prevention service, CIFAS, has issued a stark warning [...]

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