Fully Assessed & Appraised Candidates | 73+ Years Local Knowledge | 4 Experienced Consultants

Fully Assessed & Appraised Candidates

73+ Years Local Knowledge

4 Experienced Consultants

Why we are different

We Attract Better Candidates

It’s true, and here’s why our candidate generation is more targeted:

• We rely on personal recommendation and referral
• We combine innovative advertising with a continually refreshed database
• We employ headhunting, networking and social media

That means we reach the 80% of the market not already on the job market. Which means greater quality and choice and less duplication for the client.

We Offer an Innovative Service

We’ve all heard the commonly held complaints about agencies. From the client’s perspective, it’s the ignoring of briefs, a scatter gun approach and rigid, one-sided fee structures. From the candidate’s, it’s the lack of transparency, interview preparation material and interview feedback.

Our approach is a little more dynamic:

• We interpret your brief and tailor our candidate submission accordingly
• We combine the latest advances in technology and social media
• Yet we also believe in meeting clients and candidates, face-to-face
• We have an insider’s knowledge of the market
• And if we know a specific individual is right for a certain position, we believe in headhunting directly.

Importantly, we’re flexible. And brave. So if a particular, high-end position is proving difficult to fill, we’re not afraid to take a completely different tack to find the right individual.

We’re Competitive on Fees

We’re not blind to the present economic environment. Which is why we’ve made our fees more competitive in the first place, reducing the need for negotiation. We also offer a fixed-fee alternative, so if a higher salary than first thought is reached, you won’t end up paying a higher fee.