Financial Controllers Salary

Financial controllers Salary see highest rise in finance and accounting across the UK! In a recent article by Richard Crump from Financial Director; Financial Controllers have attracted the [...]

Graduate job opportunities improve

Graduate job opportunities in Norfolk and across the UK are reported to be improving. New graduates looking for employment face a brighter picture than in recent years, research suggests. [...]

Dream Job List

Dreaming the dream. Do you remember which exciting job you dreamed of having when you were growing up? Maybe it was a fantasy role like a superhero or a wizard, or perhaps it was a real job that [...]

Positive News for Norfolk Economy

Low unemployment continues to bring positive news for Norfolk economy The number of unemployed people in Norwich has fallen by more than 1000 over the last year according to the latest [...]

Creating a concise CV

Creating a concise CV, what’s the key? The general consensus is that the optimum length for a great CV is two pages of A4, but if you’ve got a long career history and lots of information to [...]

Reduce the Commute

It’s the time of year when we often take stock and consider our priorities in life. Family time over the festive period brings into focus the important things in life and may prompt thoughts of a [...]

Norfolk Jobs News in 2015

Positive news for Norfolk Jobs 2015 As we all look ahead into a shiny brand New Year, business leaders are making positive projections about what’s in store for the UK economy. The Confederation [...]

Job interview tips

Job interview tips: Why do you want to work here? It appears almost habitually in job interviews and on application forms – the simple question “why do you want to work here?” does not have a [...]

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