Financial Controllers Salary

Financial controllers Salary see highest rise in finance and accounting across the UK!

In a recent article by Richard Crump from Financial Director; Financial Controllers have attracted the highest salary increase with average salaries increasing widely across the UK by up to 3.9%.

Richard stated, “professionals looking for the strongest salary rises in 2016 should focus on finance and accounting, according to the Robert Half 2016 Salary Guide”.

Richard continued to explain that while overall salaries are predicted to rise by an average of 3% across the board in 2016, roles in finance and accounting expecting to outshine the average, with rises of 3.5% and above.

Financial controllers have attracted the highest salary increase of 3.9%, Senor finance managers received increases of up to 3.7%, while salaries for qualified management accountants improved by up to 3.5% and salaries for regulatory accountants, responsible for completing financial reports to regulatory bodies, improved up to 3.5%.

Whilst this recent rise in remuneration has shown an overall increase across the UK, in the eastern region increases seen vary across industries and business size, however size and turnover are not necessarily the key contributing factor to increases seen.

With his recent announcement, Chancellor George Osborne highlighted the greatest jobs boom ever experienced in the East of England by unveiling new ‘enterprise superzones’ across the region in his Autumn Statement & Spending Review.

While forecasted jobs are thin on the ground for the Cambridge Compass Enterprise Zone, Osborne explained “the new Norfolk and Suffolk initiative will help create 18,500 jobs in the 25-year lifetime of the initial venture – including 5,000 by 2021”.

This increase in funding, business drive and innovation is sure to bring a well needed boost to the region which from experience, shows us this should bring with it an increase in demand for both experienced professionals and graduates looking to forge their career across the Accountancy & Financial sectors.

A recent article from New Anglia gives a great explanation on the key funding areas geographically of the Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership. With sites in all counties benefiting from the project over the next 25 years.

At Big Sky Additions; we are closely following the developments across the region so we can be best placed to support any planned growth of both clients and candidates and advise on the best choices.

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