Writing a strong CV

New research has revealed that recruiters take less than 60 seconds to make up their mind about a CV. In a study of 860 recruiters by the New College of Humanities, researchers noted that 20% of [...]

Positive News for Norfolk Economy

Low unemployment continues to bring positive news for Norfolk economy The number of unemployed people in Norwich has fallen by more than 1000 over the last year according to the latest [...]

Job Application Errors

Candidates are being advised to remain honest and pay more attention to detail in their job applications, after a new study suggested inaccurate applications are at their highest level since [...]

Email etiquette

Email etiquette errors could prove costly… Email is increasingly the communication method of choice for professional correspondence and job searching is no exception. Many job [...]

Unusual Interview Questions

Preparing for an upcoming job interview usually means running through a few classic ed questions with a helpful friend or adviser. “We always ensure our candidates are well-prepared for the [...]

Covering Letter Tips

There’s no time sit back and relax if you’re serious about getting a new accountancy job in Norfolk – once you’ve devoted hours to crafting your CV, you need to save something special to catch [...]

Job interview tips

Job interview tips: Why do you want to work here? It appears almost habitually in job interviews and on application forms – the simple question “why do you want to work here?” does not have a [...]

Skype Interview Tips

Skype Interview Tips for Job interview success on Skype… The growing popularity of Skype and other web-based telephony systems provides a useful addition to the recruitment process. “When [...]

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