The Benefits of Job Sharing

In these challenging economic times, it is more important than ever for companies to draw on the best possible talent to compete and grow. Recruitment, retention and advancement of talent is critical for business success in an environment that enables both men and women to thrive and succeed. Job sharing is increasingly recognised as a commercially viable option which brings significant benefits to businesses and employees.

“There is no doubt that we are seeing a paradigm shift away from traditional working practices, with the growing acceptance of flexible working, and job sharing is one emerging example of significant changes in workplace culture,” explains Sam Holt of Norwich accountancy recruitment company, Big Sky Additions.

The concept of job sharing, where more than one person shares the same job, has been around for a long time, and brings benefits on all levels. “Job sharing is recognised as bringing benefits to customer service, and also gives the organisation the combined wealth of two sets of ideas and experiences,” continues Sam, who recruits for full time and part time accountancy jobs in Norfolk. “Perhaps the main negative is that more time and resources may be needed in the recruitment process to select multiple candidates,” he notes. “Devoting time and resources to plan and prepare for the new way of working to ensure a good level of understanding from colleagues is key for the best outcomes,” he advises.

Research by The Job Sharing Project, a group of business leaders, HR and talent practitioners, has found that senior level job shares can increase productivity by up to 30%. They found that job sharing can still offer chances for career progression and enables part time work in a ‘big’ role.

There are significant benefits to individuals, with many citing the value of an improved work life balance afforded by a job share. “Job shares were stereotypically associated with women eager to balance their caring commitments with their work, but attitudes are evolving and many men are now seeking out a better work life balance too,” adds Sam. “Sharing a role means sharing the responsibility, the highs and the lows which can be hugely rewarding for the job sharing team.”

The benefits of job sharing

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