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New Year, New Career

The start of a new year is a common motivator for many of us to consider the direction which our lives and our careers are taking, and offers the ideal opportunity to reflect and re-evaluate our objectives. If you feel the time is right for a change, there are some important issues to consider before you make those next big steps.

Thinking New CareerWhy do you want to change jobs? “It could be as simple as looking for a new challenge having reached as far as you can in your present company” suggests accountancy recruitment specialist Sam Holt, of Norfolk-based Big Sky Additions. “If you feel the time is right for a big move, which involves a total switch in the direction your life is taking, then be sure to seek some good advice before making such a big decision,” he adds. “This advisor could be a trusted friend or someone a little more detached from your personal life, such as a recruitment advisor.

What really makes you tick? “Many people begin by looking at their CV and education,” says Richard Alderson, founder of career change specialists, Careershifters. “They think, ‘This is what I’ve done in the past, therefore this is what I can do in future’ – but their past is what’s got them to where they are now, and that’s what they want to change, ” he adds. “Instead, take some time to look forwards and build a clear picture of what your ideal job would look like.”

 Choosing Accountancy

Accountancy Careers offers many opportunities and a career path which can lead in diverse directions. “You don’t always need an accountancy degree to enter the sector as many employers support on the job training programmes, but numerical ability and a keen interest in business is important,” explains Sam.
Looking for a job
Achieving a chartered or certified accountancy qualification (ACA or ACCA) leaves you in a very marketable position as you plot your career path: “Working in practice gives you an excellent technical grounding and upon qualification either continue on to Partner, or choose to switch to a role in commerce,” says Sam. “The other main route, which is equally rewarding is to progress through the ranks in commerce studying ACCA or CIMA, often from an Accounts Assistant to Management Accountant through to Financial Controller or Finance Director, ” adds Sam.

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