High Employment- Lack of Candidates

Recent figures from the Office of National Statistics show that the Eastern Region continues to enjoy one of the highest rates of employment in the UK. 78.8%, the second highest in the UK and well above the national average of 75.7%. The jobs market has also grown with 15,000 jobs on offer in the region between March 2017 and March 2018. In Norfolk seasonal jobs in leisure and hospitality increase at this time of year, though many working in this sector will be students on summer break.

“Having recently recruited for the finance team at Bewilderwood I am keenly aware of the importance of seasonal staff and the leisure industry to Norfolk” says Tina Maguire Honorary Recruitment Twiggle.

The effect of high employment is a shortage of candidates. Companies are definitely working hard to retain good staff. We are discussing the possibility of counter-offers with candidates when they start their job search, so they have clarity on the key factors and motivations that are driving their wanting to change jobs. Candidates still look to move jobs for progression and economic gain, but in Norfolk location is also important.  The newly opened NDR is definitely helping attract candidates to jobs in areas they would previously have thought too far to travel.

Big Sky Additions uses the traditional routes of candidate attraction through advertising and job boards, but Justin Murray finds that “our combined market knowledge, networking and referrals are increasingly important. Always being available to have confidential career discussions with candidates to help them plan their next move”