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relocating to norfolk

Relocating to Norfolk…. start a new job in a new area is often regarded as a bold move surrounded by a complex web of personal and professional questions to satisfy.
Changing jobs is a significant life event on its own, but when its coupled with relocating your whole family it can feel like a huge burden on your shoulders, so its vital that you choose your new location carefully,” explained Sam Holt of Norwich-based accountancy recruitment specialists, Big Sky Additions.

Living in Norfolk with his young family and spending much of his time working in Norwich, it came as no surprise to Sam that Norwich was recently voted the happiest place for children to grow up in a poll of 2000 parents: “Researchers looked at the facilities and amenities which parents believed were important for a happy childhood, and Norwich came out on top because of the combination of open spaces, parks and safe roads,” added Sam, who hasn’t looked back since relocating to Norfolk 10 years ago.

The most popular feature for a fulfilling childhood was a garden to play in. Nina Uttley, who commissioned the survey for Panda Soft Drinks continued: “This survey shows just how vital the great outdoors can be. Even if you live in an urban area, easy access to parks or playgrounds and a short drive to the beach or woodland can give children the active upbringing they deserve.

Starting a new job in Norwich means you will never be far from the sea, with 93 miles of spectacular Norfolk coastline within an hour’s drive of the city. Here are nine of Sam’s top reasons to look for a new accountancy job in Norfolk:

  1. Fast rail links to London – Liverpool Street station is less than two hours from Norwich by train (as long as there aren’t any leaves on the line)
  2. Improving road links to the capital – the dualling of the A11 trunk road is due for completion before the end of the year, cutting travel times between Norwich and London to less than three hours by road
  3. Low crime rate – Norfolk is now officially the safest county in England with a crime rate of 50 crimes per 1000 population compared to the national average of 66
  4. Cheaper house prices – the selling average price of a house in Norfolk in August was £196k, so relocating to Norfolk means most people can afford a larger house and a bigger garden for the kids
  5. Great climate – It’s not quite the Mediterranean but Norfolk is the driest county in the UK
  6. Wonderful woodland – Thetford Forest in the South of Norfolk is the largest lowland forest in Britain, covering 80 square miles
  7. Magical waterways and wildlife – The 41 Norfolk Broads are manmade lakes established when peat workings flooded in the 14th century
  8. Super shopping – Norwich has consistently been placed in the top 10 shopping destinations in the UK thanks to the compact city centre and a wide range of independent stores complementing the high street chains.
  9. Great food – Norfolk is home to fresh produce, delicious seafood, two Michelin starred restaurants and the largest food and drink festival in the country

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