Recruitment Trends – What to expect in 2021

The pandemic’s scythe has sliced through many organisations in 2020. The numbers make for uneasy reading with the Office for National Statistics warning that we can expect 2.6 million unemployed by mid-2021. We’re having a distinct sense of déjà vu here at Big Sky Additions, as we launched ten years ago into the teeth of the last economic shake-up.

But to immediate business – if you’re recruiting financial directors, controllers and accountants, what’s 2021 got in store? 

It may feel like it’s going to be an employers’ market, but many people have had a wake-up call about what is important to them, which is to balance private life and work life properly.

So now is the time to consider your recruitment and employment strategy.

Here are our 8 trends for recruitment in 2021.


With children jumping into a screen shot, even if you’re a cabinet minister, the truth is out. Families and the 9 to 5 routine caused all kinds of distractions for employees,  like looking at frantic messages from their kids or childcare providers on their silent phones. If you offer your employees flexibility and empathy, the best will stick with you. Be open to the idea of part-time and even freelance, as many highly qualified accountants are seeking the freedom that comes with picking and choosing their working windows.

Remote working

Remote working is not only acceptable now, but also desirable with reduced distractions and increased productivity. However, after months of WFH, many people crave the opportunity to set out for the office. Plan a mixed model which brings teams together some of the time and find that sweet spot between team connection and concentrating without distractions.

Don’t forget that if your vacancy allows for remote working, even if only part of the time, then you can consider candidates who live in a much wider catchment area. A longer commute is no longer a deterrent if they’re only required to work onsite for perhaps one or two days a week.


Make online upskilling part of your offer, in a way that reduces the pressure that comes with combining studying and work. Learning online and attending webinars has become a positive WFH habit for many.


What’s technology for if not to make life easier and simpler? Leverage AI to allow people to work from home productively and measurably, according to agreed levels of productivity and interaction.

Look after your brand and social media

Are you an attractive employer? Future employees will be checking you out and asking themselves if they want to work for you.

People moving out of major cities

There has been a drain to the country as people moved out of expensive cities. This widens the pool of skilled people within your geographical reach.


Set your expectations at 100% for equality and diversity. You only maximise the pool you can choose from and increase the number of clients happy to work with you.


We’re back to flexibility here because it reveals empathy for employees and with that comes greater levels of wellbeing, leading to happier and more effective employees.

So, as it did after 2009, we know the world will recover and employment levels too. At Big Sky Additions we found our way through it by staying steady and continuing to do the right thing by our clients, always sticking to our belief in being professional, offering trustworthy advice and successful delivery. We’ll be doing the same this time while we work (remotely!) on behalf of all our clients.

Happy New Year and good luck in Lockdown 3!


If your business is ending the year on surprisingly good footing, now is the time to capitalise on that success by growing your team.

To find out more about the jobs market under lockdown, and the services we’re offering while restrictions are in place