Why Ghosting is definitely not cool!

Ghosting (‘a way of ending a relationship with someone suddenly by stopping all communication with them’ Cambridge dictionary) originally referred to when ending a relationship, has crept into the working world with candidates choosing to end contact at varying stages of the recruitment process, without the courtesy of letting the employer or recruitment agent know.

Maintaining open communication with potential employers and recruitment agencies is essential for a successful job search, fostering positive relationships, and ensuring a lasting positive impact on your career trajectory.

Whereas ghosting as a job candidate during the job search, especially when dealing with recruitment agencies, is unprofessional and detrimental. It showcases a lack of courtesy, harms your personal brand, and can lead to missed opportunities, tarnished reputation, and severed professional relationships. It disrupts the hiring process, denies you valuable insights and feedback, and goes against the principles of mutual respect and ethical conduct.

Ghosting, regardless of the context, is generally considered rude and unprofessional behaviour. When you’re a candidate looking for a job, ghosting can have negative consequences for both you and the potential employer. Here’s why ghosting when you’re a job candidate is not cool:

Professionalism: Ghosting is inconsistent with professional conduct. It reflects poorly on your personal brand and can give potential employers the impression that you lack courtesy and reliability.

Reputation: In the age of social media and online networking, word can spread quickly about your behaviour. Employers often communicate with each other, and if you’re known for ghosting, it might harm your chances of future job opportunities.

Missed Opportunities: By ghosting a potential employer, you’re essentially cutting off communication without knowing the full potential of the opportunity. The job might have been a great fit for your skills and aspirations, and you could be missing out on a valuable experience.

Networking: The business world is interconnected, and the people you interact with during your job search could be valuable contacts in the future. Even if a specific job doesn’t work out, maintaining a positive connection can lead to other opportunities, referrals, or collaborations down the line.

Reciprocity: Just as you expect timely and respectful communication from potential employers and recruitment agents, they also deserve the same from you. The job search process involves mutual respect and understanding.

Impact on Employers: Ghosting can create inefficiencies in the hiring process for employers and agents. They spend time and resources reviewing applications, conducting interviews, and following up. If candidates disappear without notice, it can disrupt their workflow and hinder their ability to make informed decisions.

Ethical Considerations: Treating others as you would like to be treated is a golden rule that applies to professional interactions as well. Ghosting can be emotionally distressing for hiring managers who have invested time and effort in evaluating candidates.

Long-Term Implications: How you handle interactions during your job search can have lasting effects on your career. Employers and recruitment agents will remember the candidates who ghosted them, and it could affect your chances with that organisation in the future.

Closure and Feedback: If you’re not interested in pursuing a job opportunity, it’s courteous to communicate that to the employer. This gives them closure and also provides you with an opportunity to receive feedback on your interview performance or qualifications.

Positive Experience: Even if you’re not interested in the current job, maintaining professionalism can lead to positive experiences. Companies might remember your respectful behaviour and consider you for more suitable positions in the future.

In conclusion, ghosting during a job search is not a respectful or professional way to handle your interactions. It’s important to maintain open communication, treat others with courtesy, and remember that the way you present yourself during the job search process can have a lasting impact on your reputation and future opportunities.

We welcome any feedback both from candidates who have ghosted to find out why you do it and also from employers/recruiters who have experienced this unfortunate trend. Email enquiry@bigskyadditions.co.uk